3 Common Mistakes Made at High Point Market

The average person I talk with attending the High Point Market has been there for 30-35 years. This is my 5th year in the industry with only 12 High Point Markets/Pre-markets under my belt. However, I work with a couple hundred exhibitors each market and I’ve noticed they experience a lot of the same mistakes. Since High Point is right around the corner I wanted to share these mistakes so you and your company can try and avoid them.  Everyone’s goal is to have a successful market with low stress and I’m hoping my observations can help.

  1. Don’t over commit yourself
    • Reps, Buyers, Exhibitors – don’t over schedule your meetings. Your buyers will show up early, your reps will show up late and everything in between.
    • Save time to be flexible each day. Your best opportunities can’t always be planned.
    • Too often we see reps running through the halls when their customer is early or their last meeting went late, with the average age of a rep, the risk of injury is high. 
  2. Closed off to new opportunities
    • Wholesale buyers, just like consumers have access to more and immediate information on the products they are shopping for. As your buyers’ needs are changing, so should the sellers support and information to their buyer. Buyers’ today are accustomed to having immediate access to information a common norm when buying via ecommerce. There are tons of opportunities to grant your customers instant access for them to make an informed buying decision from websites, B2B shopping portals, wholesale marketplaces. The opportunities to get in front of your buyers are out there, make sure you are open to new opportunities and tools to meet the changing needs of your buyer.
  3. Late/Delayed Containers.
    • Chinese New Year, natural disasters, strikes and all sorts of potential delays in shipping happen every year. When your team is sourcing globally there are many uncontrollable obstacles that affect getting your products to market. Being consistent with what you can control, you’ll avoid delays much better. By expecting unavoidable delays you’ll be sure to have your products on time. This will provide your team with additional time (when things aren’t delayed) and more preparation for your showroom and buyers. Save yourself a few gray hairs.

These are the most common mistakes that I’ve noticed in my short time in the industry. Please share or send me additional obstacles and solutions that you see or face around markets and I’ll get them added so more people can prepare for the show!