4 Best Practices To Get Quick, Accurate Customer Service

Dealing with customer service can be stressful and time consuming. So we sat down with our Customer Success Team to figure out some proactive tips to help with getting fast and accurate customer service (and not just at AMP, but anywhere). Here is our list of the 4 top tips to help you get assistance quickly and get along with your day.

1. Use nouns to describe your issue or desire

Be descriptive when talking through your questions with your Customer Service Representative (CSR). Using words such as “it,” “this,” “that” and “the [generic thing]” can be too broad and can lead to extra follow up questions. To help your CSR answer your questions quickly, be as clear as possible when you are describing the issue.

EX: When describing a button you clicked make sure to name what the button does or says. “I then clicked the red cancel button and I have not had any response” is going to be more helpful than: “I clicked the button and nothing happened.”

2. Give examples!

Giving exact examples will help your CSR assist you more quickly. If they know where to look they can help you faster. Send them exact product names, numbers or even website URL addresses to show them exactly where you need help.

EX: When telling your CSR you are having issues with disappearing products saying “I have an issue with product #314 not loading on our website after I added it to our database” is more beneficial than “The products are not showing up on the page where they should be.”  

3. Explain what steps you took to get to where you are

Your CSR’s first action to understanding and solving your issue will be to attempt to reproduce your issue. It will be much easier for them to reproduce the issue if you provide the steps you took when you encountered it.

EX: If there are multiple ways to add items to a cart, telling your CSR “I tried to add the navy sweater to my cart and it wont let me” might seem clear. But you might be better served telling them “I tried to add item 267, the navy sweater, to my cart and it did not work when I clicked add to cart from the Sweater Collection page.” this way they can let you know where exactly things have gone wrong.

4. Tell your CSR the final goal

Stating your goal at the beginning of the conversation will lead you to a solution more efficiently.

EX: Imagine you are trying to split a group of items into two groups and you are experiencing issues with photos not matching as you desired. Instead of saying, “I am having trouble with matching photos,” which might lead to your CSR giving you solutions you already know, you might try starting with your final goal: “I am looking to split a group of items into two, but my green photos are somehow matching with my blue items”

Bonus: Include a screenshot or picture!

A picture is worth 1000 words. Take a screenshot and send it with your request. Being able to see what you are looking at is hugely helpful!

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