5 Best Practices for Sales Reps to Win at Las Vegas Market

The new year is here and Las Vegas Market is right around the corner. Whether you are new to AMP or are a consistent user, these 5 tips will have you looking like the sales pro we know you are!


1. Technology is your friend

It can do wonders to your selling process. Digital catalogs, tailor-made sales quotes for specific customers, pricing and product details at your fingertips, and much more can be made possible with AMP. Everyone has to start somewhere – make the transition work for you. Slowly start incorporating AMP into your sales process or jump all in, it’s up to you. Not sure which iPad is right for you, check out our article: A Sales Rep’s Guide to Buying an iPad.

Ipad colors 8 squares.png


2. Know what you are selling

Pricelists, Product filters, Slideshows, Presentations, etc. There’s a lot of helpful information in AMP and being able to easily navigate your way through your manufacturer’s catalog is huge. If you are new to AMP or adding another line, make sure you spend some time before market to get familiar with the app. Not every manufacturer sets their catalog up the same way. If you notice something is missing or labeled incorrectly, contact your manufacturer sales support or admin. Once they’ve updated the information, don’t forget to re-sync!


3. Sync BEFORE you get to Market

We can’t say it enough: sync in the morning and sync in the evening. Internet at market sucks! Your hotel room wifi is likely way better. Once you are synced, you can work with AMP offline, navigating manufacturers’ catalogs and writing orders. 


4. Make sure they get their sales quote

Walking the showroom and creating a presentation as you go will allow you to easily send your customers sales quotes. If you are not connected to wifi or the wifi is weak, emails can get stuck in your outbox. At the end of the day make sure all your quotes and orders have been sent.


5. Take advantage of AMP’s Office Hours and AMP Academy at Market!

We are at markets for you. Come by the AMP office and ask all the questions. All users welcome!


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