Boost your Online Orders Today!

AMP Shop provides an enjoyable and seamless online shopping experience for your dealers. We have heard countless positive reviews from dealers who can now place orders from their favorite manufacturers in a manner of minutes. This experience is something we want all of your dealers to be aware of and that is why we complied a short list of proven methods to raise awareness. 

Enhanced Email Signatures

Embedding a quick link in your outgoing emails to your customer is a low effort approach to easily engage your shoppers

Try including linkable text or an image in the form of a banner like our example shown here. You can quickly direct your customers to the AMP Shop log in page.                                                                                                                                      



Website Dealer Login

Connecting your existing website to your AMP catalog via webpage or banner

Snip20190516_9Adding an additional tab or banner to your website is another great way of driving your customers to your online catalog. This will also give you the ability to provide a path to your dealers who do not yet have access to AMP to request access from you. If you have a rotating banner on your front page, including an AMP Shop slide is also highly effective at drawing interest. 

Promotional Campaigns

Using promotional emails and flyers is a tried and true method to get the word out


Here is a collection from a few AMP clients to help spark your creativity: 


Give your Buyers Confidence

The number one request we hear from retailers, is that they want vendors to provide full, rich product information in their catalogs.

If your catalog only has a SKU, a price, a couple other fields for each item, and no other product information, this makes it hard for your customer to shop with confidence. This will result in them calling you to place the order, or, worse, considering another supplier. Luckily, AMP has your back and we can show you the fields that your customers expect to see.

First make sure you have the basics covered – an accurate name for the item, detailed descriptions, length, width, depth, weights and cubes. For best practices do it for both the item and the carton:

  • Item Name
  • Descriptions
  • Dimensions
  • Weights
  • Cubes

Information such as a collection or series that the item belongs to along with a general and more specific category can help organize your data:

To make your customers super happy, give them the details about your products that make them special. Provide them with the finish, fabric, and any other additional features you can think of:

  • Item Finish
  • Item Fabric
  • Features

And finally help your customers out by providing them with suggested pricing:

  • MAP
  • MSRP


To make things easier for you, ask us about our AMP Universal Template for your product table. The template we have built will provide you with all of the basic columns one would need to display excellent product information for your buyers.

Fill out as much of this template as you can, upload it to AMP, and sit back and watch the orders roll in!