The AMP admin’s guide to market stardom (Part 2: Warm up the presses)

Already read Part 1 and Part 2? Skip ahead to Part 3: The sales meeting In Part 1 of the series we created a walkthrough slideshow from the Slideshows section of the AMP CMS. Our reps now have a product catalog for just the product at market in the order of the walkthrough – they [...]

Boost your Online Orders Today!

AMP Shop provides an enjoyable and seamless online shopping experience for your dealers. We have heard countless positive reviews from dealers who can now place orders from their favorite manufacturers in a manner of minutes. This experience is something we want all of your dealers to be aware of and that is why we complied a [...]

4 Best Practices To Get Quick, Accurate Customer Service

Dealing with customer service can be stressful and time consuming. So we sat down with our Customer Success Team to figure out some proactive tips to help with getting fast and accurate customer service (and not just at AMP, but anywhere). Here is our list of the 4 top tips to help you get assistance [...]

5 Best Practices for Sales Reps to Win at Las Vegas Market

The new year is here and Las Vegas Market is right around the corner. Whether you are new to AMP or are a consistent user, these 5 tips will have you looking like the sales pro we know you are!   1. Technology is your friend […]

4 steps for AMP admins to have a successful Las Vegas Market

AMP Admins are you ready for Las Vegas Market? Follow these steps and you’ll be good to go! 1. Update AMP with new products for market All new product should be added to the product table in your AMP CMS. For Pro Tips check out our article: master the merge. How to: Update just inventory [...]

The AMP admin’s guide to market stardom (Part 3: The sales meeting)

In Part 1 of the series we created a walkthrough slideshow from the Slideshows section of the AMP CMS. In Part 2 of the series we brought the walkthrough slideshow into the real world in the form of QR code labels and printed price sheets using AMP’s Press features. We’re almost there – in this [...]

Connect documents and videos to products

You can now link documents and videos directly to a product!  You can pull up the additional information while scrolling through the catalog, and your customer can click the link provided to download the document or video directly without you needing to send them a separate message.  Are there specific documents and videos you’d like [...]

Master the merge for product table bliss

Calling all AMP admins!  This one’s for you – the unsung AMP heroes who do the dirty work to keep their company’s AMP catalog accurate and looking fresh for reps and customers to use. But what if I told you the work didn’t have to be quite so dirty? That there was a simple, clean [...]

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