Connect documents and videos to products

You can now link documents and videos directly to a product!  You can pull up the additional information while scrolling through the catalog, and your customer can click the link provided to download the document or video directly without you needing to send them a separate message.  Are there specific documents and videos you’d like to see linked?  Contact your manufacturer!

To link documents to products:

  1. Create a new column in your product table and name it something like “Documents”
  2. Add the name of the document or video in the cell that corresponds to the right product
  3. Save and merge your product table (Not sure how to Merge? Check out our Master the Merge post!)
  4. Tag the new column as “Related Documents”
  5. Upload the files you want to attach in your “Manage Documents” tab
  6. Voilá! Once attached, your documents and videos show up on your specsheets and orders.

This is what the column tag looks like in the product table

Related Docs.png

This is how “Related Documents” look on AMP web version

Related docs in webversion.png

This is how “Related Documents” look in a specsheet

Realted docs in specksheet.png