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FAQ 2017-06-27T19:20:07+00:00

Have a Question? Look over our FAQ first.

Emails aren’t going through after placing an order, what is happening? 2017-08-07T20:49:56+00:00

There are a few different reasons why emails don’t go through. Please follow this checklist to determine the issue. If none of these are the problem, contact Apple support directly.

  1. Your iPad is off line and in the queue to get sent out when you get back online (email in outbox). — Emails get stuck if you have a bad wi-fi connection. Check your connection by going to another website (ex. If that works, go to AMP and send yourself a test proposal email.
  2. You might have your email configured incorrectly. Follow the screenshots below to find out if this is your issue.

How do I get help using AMP? 2017-06-27T18:28:14+00:00

The fastest way to get help is to send your request to This goes to our entire team 7 days a week.

I’m a rep and my customers are not showing up under the ‘change customer’ tab. What do I do? 2017-06-27T16:14:35+00:00

Make sure you have recently synced and it says ‘up-to-date’. Restart your iPad and sign back in If they are still missing, Contact your admin at that manufacturer, they can link you to your customers.

How do I use AMP if I don’t have an iPad? 2017-06-27T18:28:14+00:00

You can access AMP SHOP from any computer, tablet or phone. You can get photos, spec sheets, documents, order history and reporting from here. You are also able to browse the catalog and write orders just like the app.

Go to and enter your username and password. Click ‘Shop’ next to the manufacturer you’d like to use.

Who is responsible for making changes to our database? 2017-06-27T21:48:31+00:00

We take care of all the setup when you come onboard with AMP. Once we have it up and running, you have a two week review period where we will make any changes you want. After that, you and your admin team will be in charge of keeping the database up to date. We are always here to support you though!

I’m an admin, what do I do when a new rep or buyer needs to learn how to use the program? 2017-06-27T18:28:14+00:00

We can create video walkthrough tailored to your specific company, that will walk a user through placing an order, start to finish. You may request a video tutorial by contacting