Introducing AMP Connect: Making your day to day easier!

Seattle, WA – May 1st, 2018 –  AMP (, the provider of a software platform specifically for the furniture industry that is making vertical integration for everyone possible has introduced a brand new product, AMP Connect.

AMP Connect is a seamless app that fully integrates your ERP/accounting software with AMP in minutes without IT professionals or contractors. Once set up, the app pulls and pushes data in and out automatically. AMP has started with QuickBooks and is moving to all other ERP/accounting systems in the near future.


“Integrations, APIs, EDI, and hand loading of data have been the thorn in the sides of every person and organization throughout the entire supply chain. Most things don’t connect, and if they do it’s not easy, so AMP has created the first integration tool that takes the geek out of the process and puts the power in the hands of the people who need to get things done fast,” says AMP CEO Patrick Henley.


What’s next for AMP Connect? The AMP engineers are working feverishly on a new feature for AMP Connect and the AMP API that will help CSRs manage order and invoice workflow. This new workflow tool will allow Customer Service Representatives, managers and sales teams to manage all the stages of orders and invoices inside the AMP platform. The new workflow will reduce many redundancies in their current process freeing up time for them to create a more proactive customer service model.


This easy-to-implement connection, fully integrates QuickBooks with AMP in minutes. Effortlessly pass orders, product updates, inventory, and customer info from one software to the other. “We started with QuickBooks because it is the most highly used system of record in the industry, but shortly AMP Connect will work with all ERP, POS, and accounting systems without needing a contractor or IT professional,” explains Henley. “We want our clients to reap the benefits of our software as fast as possible, and this is the shortcut we all have been looking for! Go AMP!”

Founded in 2012, AMP has created a software platform specifically for the All-In-Home Industry. AMP’s headquarters is in Seattle, WA. Those interested in AMP’s software platform can set up a demo by visiting, emailing, or calling 855-9AMPTAB.